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Stop trying to be the hero.

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

In business the role of the ‘Hero’ is reserved for your customer - not your brand, your product or your service.

Your customer is the star of the show - the Hero on a ‘Hero’s Journey’ and your product or

service must play the part of the mentor helping to take the hero from his current position

to his desired future goal.

Your role as a company, simply put - well, you’re Yoda in your customers story! It’s a vital

part to play but it’s not the lead role. Remember, without customers a company doesn’t

exist, so I guess this pecking order makes sense. When you talk to your customer directly or

via advertising remember your role and make sure you don’t try and force your product or

service into the lime-light. Instead focus on your customers desire for change and how you

can assist.

As a business owner it’s easy to forget that it’s not your journey you should only be concentrating

on. It could even sound counter-intuitive but if you put your customers needs first

and focus on getting them to the future life they hope to live (in the most efficient way

possible) then your personal business success should take care of itself.

This may be more obvious for a service-based business, but products are made and sold for

the exact same reason. They solve a problem for your customer, even if that problem is a

more nuanced one.

So be the guide, the mentor, the teacher, that helps your customer overcome their current

challenges and transforms them into their ideal future self and your business will be a hero

too – I mean who doesn’t love Yoda!

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