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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you currently taking new design projects?

Ja, Sí, Oui, Si, Sim, Ja, Evet, Tak - In English, 'Yes' absolutely we are ready and waiting to sprinkle a little magic onto you digital project. Just shoot us a note and we'll have a chat.

What are your rates?

"I am not rich... so I avoid buying cheap things" (a wise old man, circa 1768) . We make cool s#!t, bottom line is that takes a bit of time so dream up and create, so we price ourselves fairly remembering the unicorn tears we sprinkle on your projects aren't easy to source without injury.

How many years of experience do you have?

Well, that's a story... There's plenty of water under the bridge here! One of the team built there first website at 9 years old, when dial up modems and flash were the thing. One of the team wrote his first software application at 11 and his school used it to track books in the library. The last team member of note is bloody good at making coffee and killer at latte art so he gets to stay for obvious reasons.

Long story short, there's been many many hours spent becoming experts in almost every bit of creative software on the planet, couple with our passion for exceeding expectations we have the skills to deliver.

What have you previously worked on?

I've done a lot of work over the years on my chest and guns, really trying to bulk them up for the summer months... Oh sorry work wise, yes of course, my bad! We worked on and with a diverse range of projects and clients, everything from Agricultural Accelerator Programs to global lingerie brands (yes, you heard me right). Take a look at some of our projects here

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